Please be aware that the extension of runway 12/30 is NOT YET available.


The crosses placed down the extended potion indicate that the extension is not available for use. We are anticipating that the extended runway will be open on around the 12th Sept 2019 and will confirm that closer to the time. In the meantime the runway configuration has not changed and original runway 12/30 is in operation as always.


Runway Closures

Updated 19 August 2019

As we finalise works for the new extended runway 12/30 & associated taxiways, we will need to close runway 06R/24L for four hours on Wednesday 21st August, closing at midday and opening again at 16h00 WST on the same day.

Furthermore, the flight testing of the new lights will be taking place on Thursday 5th September. The aerodrome will be closed for four and a half hours on this day (no runways available) whilst CASA flight tests the new lights. All runways will be closed at 1600 WST and re-open again at  2000 on the same evening.

At this stage the opening of the extended runway and new light system is planned for Thursday 12th Sept. We will keep you updated as we get closer to that time.

Thanks again for your patience and understanding during these works.

Northern Apron Works Update

Updated 9 August 2019

We will be commencing stage three of our Northern Apron overlay works on Monday 19th August (weather permitting). The works will take 3 days to complete. During these works there will be no access to or from the taxiway south of Aerojacks hangar at any time to all tenants situated to the north of Aerojacks as shown in the area shaded pink on the this plan (1 MB).

There will be controlled access during the day to operators in the area shaded green. There will be no night access beyond the Singapore Flying College apron during the works. If you would like to relocate your aircraft ahead of time we will work with you to find a suitable parking area for your aircraft. Please call Bryce on 0488 452 242 to make arrangements.

Thanks you again for your patience which is always very much appreciated. Please don’t hesitate to contact Bryce or alternatively Kevin on 0438 921 918 with any queries.

Extended Closure of 12/30

Updated 24 July 2019

Due to unforeseen circumstances the contractors have advised that they will need to keep runway 12/30 closed for another week.  This means that it will open again on the morning of 5/8/2019 instead of 29/7/2019 as planned.

JAH would like to thank you again for your patience and cooperation as we come to the back end of our works.

Three Hour Closure of Main Runway - 06L/24R on Monday 16th July 2019

Updated 11 July 2019

Due to unexpected difficulties with the installation of lights at the 06L threshold area, we will need to close runway 06L/24R to general traffic for three hours on Tuesday next week (16th July). The closure will be from 8am to 11am. During this time runway 06R/24L will be available for arrivals and departures but circuits will not be available. Crossing of runway 06L/24R to and from 06R/24L will be available at all taxiways.

Runway 06L/24R will remain available for emergency aircraft at 10 minutes prior notice. The runway will also be available (at 10 minutes prior notice) to operators who may not be able to use runway 06R/24L, but only with prior arrangement and approval by JAH.

For prior notice and/or approval as required, please call Bryce on 0488 452 242.

Please contact Bryce or the office on 9417 0900 of you have any queries or if you wish to arrange prior approval for a specific flight at this time.

Works Update

Updated 9 July 2019 

Please note the following regarding airside works :

  • Taxiway Delta as marked on this map will be closed for daylight operations between 7am and 4pm this Thursday and Friday  11th and 12th July.
  • Works plan 3 (Southern Apron) will commence on 15th July ending on the 23rd July. Please click here for more information.  There will be a marshal on the apron for stage 1.
  • The closure of runway 12/30 was originally planned until 22nd July but contractors advise that more time is needed and the closure will be extended to the 29th July. Thereafter there will be a commissioning period of up to 6 weeks before the full new extended runway will be opened, but in the meantime the original 12/30 length will be available again.
  • When runway 12/30 is re-opened, taxiway V will remain permanently closed. A new taxiway approximately 150 to the east of TWY V will be opened along with the opening of the runway extension as per the airport Masterplan.

If you have any questions regarding the works please call Bryce on 0488 452 242.

Northern Apron Works Update

Updated 8 July 2019

We have completed stage 2 of the Northern apron works. The adverse weather over the last few weeks caused substantial delays and in order to focus on completing runway works we have delayed stage 3 of Northern apron works until further notice.

JAH would sincerely like to thank all affected operators for your cooperation, patience and understanding in helping us to safely deliver a great result on the Northern apron thus far.

Upcoming apron works will include light installs on taxiway D and on the Southern Apron – further information to follow shortly.

Northern Apron Resurfacing to Recommence

Updated 28 June 2019

Stage 2 of the Northern Apron resurfacing works are to recommence Tuesday 2nd to run through to Thursday 4th.  Please be advised that there will be conditions on aircraft with a wingspan of +12m which will require them to be towed.  For towing assistance please call Bryce on 0488 452 242.

The works section of the apron will be under WSO control.  To request clearance to taxi please contact 123.45

A NOTAM will be issued as required.

If you have any queries or would like to discuss how this will affect your business please call Bryce on 0488 452 242.

Method of Working Plan Update: Earthworks and Pavement and Northern Apron Pavement Repairs

Updated 27 June 2019 

Please click here for Revision 9 of the Method of Working Plan - Earthworks and Pavement. 

Please click here for Revision 5 of the Notice of Intent to Conduct Airside Works Plan.

Also, please be advised that no helicopter operations (including slope training) near taxiways S4 and S5 will be allowed during the closure of runway 12/30.

Works Update

Updated 25 June 2019

Stage one of the northern apron works are now complete and this section has been returned to normal operations. Thank you to everyone for your patience during the works.

Due to the current weather front, stage 2 will be put back one week. Stage 2 (the blue section) will now be conducted from the 1st to the 5th July. Stage 3 (pink section) will commence on the 8th July. These dates may change due to weather. This week there will be normal operations with no wing span restrictions and no clearances required to pass the works until stage 2 recommences. NOTAMS will be issued and information will be on the ATIS regarding wingspan restrictions and frequencies for the works.

A reminder that runway 12/30 will be closed as of 7.00am (WST) 25th June for four weeks, reopening on the 22nd July. Adverse weather may push this to five weeks.  If you have any questions regarding the works, please call Bryce on 0488 452 242.

Northern Apron Works Update

Updated 7 June 2019

Works are planned to start on the northern apron on Monday.

Despite the adverse weather forecast, at this stage the works will still be going ahead as planned. Should the weather worsen then the works may be postponed to another date but we will advise if this happens.

Please exercise extreme caution when taxiing past the works area and look out for signals and directions from works safety officers who will be there to assist.

We have reviewed our night operating requirements and whilst night operations until 10pm will still be allowed, this must be under towed conditions with engines shut down. Due to safety requirements aircraft will not be able to taxi past the works area under their own power during night hours up to 10pm. Thereafter the taxiway will not be accessible until the following morning.

Should you be planning on a night flight next week then please call our duty officer on 0417 827 557.

Northern Apron Works 2019

Updated 4 June 2019

In the coming weeks JAH will be resurfacing the northern apron taxiway.

This will result in disruptions to ground movement on the northern apron.

The works will be done in three stages. We have allowed 5 days per stage but hope to complete each stage in 4 days. The attached plan shows the different stages along with associated dates. During each stage some sites will be completely cut off whilst others will need to keep their aprons clear for use as a temporary taxiing route. JAH has consulted with these affected operators. Works safety officers will be in attendance and will direct traffic at each end.

If you operate an aircraft with a wingspan of over 12m and need to operate in the northern apron over this period please contact us via email on address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Depending on the aircraft and nature of the movement, JAH may need to tow your aircraft through the apron area.

There will be no night movements permitted after 10pm during these closures unless with special arrangement with JAH.

In the event of inclement weather, there may be delays.  We will be posting any updates regarding the works on this page, so please check in regularly.

Image Updated 25/6/19