Airport Security

Jandakot Airport Holdings Pty Ltd (JAH) will take reasonable precautionary measures to conduct activities in a manner which minimises the risk of loss, theft, sabotage by vandalism or otherwise to property, personnel, or aircraft.
JAH promotes an environment in which all personnel feel secure from personal threat and attack and in which business disruption caused by theft or damage to facilities, equipment, information, or data is minimal to ensure continuity of business operations.

Airport security is governed by the Aviation Transport Security Act  2004 and Australian Transport Security Regulations 2005 who establish a regulatory framework that safe guards Australis's essential aviation services against unlwaful interferance, whilst maintaining and improving aviation security. There are strict controls and procedures that must be followed within the airside area (comprising the aprons, runways and all other areas inside the security fence). Please note that Jandakot Airport is not a Regular Public Transport (RPT) aerodrome.

All airport users must comply with any directions JAH impose in relation to security at the airport.

Vehicles, equipment, goods and structures are prohibited within two (2) metres inside, and three (3) meters outside, of the airside boundary fence. This is to ensure that airside security is not compromised by people using these objects to climb over the fence.

A person may only enter the airside area if they have a valid operational reason for doing so.

Airside Access Gates

Entry to the airside through the pedestrian and vehicle access gates is controlled separately through the issue of proximity (swipe) cards. Proximity cards for airside gate access are available from Jandakot Airport Holdings on approval of a completed Airside Proximity Card application form. For security purposes, each applicant is required to provide a photocopy of their current Driver’s Licence. 

The Airports (Control of On-Airport Activities) Regulations 1997 state that every vehicle taken airside must hold and display a valid Authority for Use Airside (AUA) vehicle permit and every driver that operates a vehicle airside must hold a valid Authority to Drive Airside (ADA) licence. Persons requiring access through vehicle gates will need to review the Airside Driving & Vehicles webpage.

Airside access breaches include, but are not limited to:
  • Airside access gates left open.
  • Airside drivers not holding valid permits or licenses. 
  • Persons airside without minimum standard PPE.
  • Pedestrians occupying taxi lanes for non-aviation activites which affect aviation movement without Works Safety Officers present.  

Hangar & Gate Security 

Drivers using the airside access gates must ensure that the gate is fully open before proceeding through the gate, and must wait until the gate has securely closed behind them before departing.  Drivers are responsible for ensuring that no other vehicle or person enters through the access gate into the Airside area prior to the gate closing.
Please note: that you are not authorised to provide anyone airside access, even if you believe they have permission from JAH.  
Any unauthorised access, must be reported to the JAH Duty Reporting Officer immediately on 0417 827 557.
Airside vehicle gate access will be deactivated on airside access cards for drivers that have their Authority to Drive Airside drivers license suspended or cancelled for breach of the rules and requirements of the Airside Vehicle Control Handbook (AVCH).
Airside vehicle gate access will also be deactivated for any expired Authority to Drive Airside license and/or Authority for Use Airside vehicle permit holders.
If you occupy a hangar it is the responsibilty of the lessee to ensure that airside security is maintained at all times. All hangar landside doors need to be manned or closed for the duration that airside hangar doors are opened to ensure there is no unauthorised entry to airside areas. This information also needs to be communicated to any sub-tenants.

Pedestrian Access

Pedestrians are permitted on aprons providing that they are performing aviation related activities and wearing high visibility clothing.  No pedestrian activity is allowed on taxiways other than crossing over from one apron to another.  
Any non-aviation activity that a user wises to perform on any part of the movement area must first be approved by JAH.  If necessary JAH will appoint a Works Safety Officer to be present during the activity.

Airside Works

All JAH airside tenants are required to notify JAH of any airside works. JAH are required to assess works for aviation safety risks and determine if a Works Safety Officer is required to supervise the works and/or set up exclusion zones etc.  If you are looking to perform any airside works, please download and complete the Airside Works Safety Application Form and email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

For more details please refer to Safety Alert 2020-04.

ASIC Cards

PLEASE NOTE:  Jandakot Airport is not ASIC controlled and does not issue ASIC cards.  In the event you wish to obtain an ASIC, please refer to the Department of Home Affairs "Approved ASIC Issuing Organisations" site here or visit