Airport Security

Airport security is governed by the Aviation Transport Security Act  2004 and Australian Transport Security Regulations 2005, and there are strict controls and procedures that must be followed within the airside area (comprising the aprons, runways and all other areas inside the security fence).

Vehicles, equipment, goods and structures are prohibited within two (2) metres inside, and three (3) meters outside, of the airside boundary fence. This is to ensure that airside security is not compromised by people using these objects to climb over the fence.

A person may only enter the airside area if they have a valid operational reason for doing so.

Airside Access Gates

Entry to the airside through the pedestrian and vehicle access gates is controlled separately through the issue of proximity (swipe) cards. Proximity cards for airside gate access are available from Jandakot Airport Holdings on approval of a completed Airside Proximity Card application form. For security purposes, each applicant is required to provide a photocopy of their current Driver’s Licence. 

The Airports (Control of On-Airport Activities) Regulations 1997 state that every vehicle taken airside must hold and display a valid Authority for Use Airside (AUA) vehicle permit and every driver that operates a vehicle airside must hold a valid Authority to Drive Airside (ADA) licence. Persons requiring access through vehicle gates will need to review the Airside Driving & Vehicles webpage.