Jandakot Airport Holdings (JAH) participates in a variety of local community committees that provide a forum for exchanging information and obtaining community feedback about activities at Jandakot Airport.

Community Aviation Consultation Group (CACG)

The Jandakot Airport Community Aviation Consultation Group (CACG) is an independent committee established to provide a forum for appropriate community engagement on airport planning and operations. The Jandakot Airport CACG comprises representatives from Federal, State and Local Governments, Airservices Australia, Jandakot Airport Holdings, aircraft operators, and local community organisations.

Perth Airports Municipalities Group (PAMG)

The Perth Airports Municipalities Group (PAMG) is a forum for local government and airport operators to discuss and resolve issues relating to airports which either directly or indirectly affect the local community.  The PAMG quarterly meetings are attended by representatives from 11 local councils, Jandakot Airport, Perth Airport, and the Department of Transport.