The Jandakot Airport Conditions of Access and Use details the terms, conditions and charges applicable to aircraft operators accessing and/or using Jandakot Airport. By landing at or operating from Jandakot Airport, aircraft operators are deemed to have accepted the Conditions of Access and Use. 

Notification of Aircraft Details

Prior to an aircraft accessing or using Jandakot Airport, the aircraft owner/operator must complete and provide a Notification of Aircraft Details form to Jandakot Airport Holdings.

Fees and Charges

Aircraft operators must pay charges for the facilities and services at the airport as published in the Conditions of Access and Use and this website.

Incident Reporting

All aircraft operators are required to report incidents (including, but not limited to tail strikes and excursions) that could have any effect on the runways to the JAH Duty Reporting Officer immediately on 0417 827 557 so any Foreign Object Debris (FOD) can be removed timeously.