On July 1, 1998, the Commonwealth Government sold a 50 year lease over Jandakot Airport to Jandakot Airport Holdings Pty Ltd (JAH) with an option for a 49 year lease extension. Under the terms of the lease agreement, JAH has prepared a Master Plan to act as functional guides to the management and development of Jandakot Airport, taking into account associated land use, environmental, ground access and engineering service issues.

Jandakot Airport is part of the management portfolio of Ascot Capital Limited.


  • Chairman | David van der Walt 
  • Director | Greg King
  • Managing Director | John Fraser  
  • Property Director | Leo Seward                  
  • Non-Executive Director | Stewart Hutcheon


  • Chief Financial Officer | Andrew Gastevich
  • Operations Manager | Kevin Smith    
  • Environment Manager | Joanne Wann
  • Development Approvals Manager | Guy Palmer
  • Infrastructure Manager |  Dave Mercer