Jandakot Airport is the major General Aviation Airport in Western Australia, and is one of the busiest airfields and largest aviation training bases in Australia.

Plans for Jandakot Airport began in the mid-1950s when it became clear that the capacity and infrastructure of the Maylands Aerodrome was insufficient for the strong growth in air traffic. Light aircraft operations continued at Maylands following the relocation of civilian aircraft services to the Guildford Aerodrome (now Perth Airport) in 1946, but within a decade the aging infrastructure at Maylands was not able to support the light aircraft demand.  Land acquisition for a new general aviation airport began in 1959, with 520 hectares of unproductive farmland in Jandakot acquired by the official opening of Jandakot Airport on 01 July 1963. Over the next 11 years the land size was increased to 617 hectares, and today the airport site is 622 hectares.

The primary function of Jandakot Airport is "air work" aviation rather than passenger transportation. Due to its Mediterranean climate, the airport has excellent flying conditions almost all year round with long hours of sunlight and good weather. Flying training accounts for about 80 per cent of the total aircraft movements and there are approximately 500 aircraft based at the airport that belong to aviation schools and charter/hire companies, aircraft distributors, maintenance companies, aerial photographic services and individual operators. 

The airport provides access for essential service organisations such as the Royal Flying Doctor Service, DEC/DFES Bushfire Water Bombers, RAC Rescue Helicopter and the WA Police Air Wing.

The two major flying schools at Jandakot Airport are the Royal Aero Club of Western Australia, and Singapore Flying College. There are additional training organisations that also provide competitive flying training at the airport in a variety of aircraft, including helicopters. To complement the aviation tenants, numerous maintenance organisations are on location to service, repair and maintain any aircraft types.